Won't you mooch with me?

Gotta love it. I joined yesterday and already have swapped two books. It's a marvelous recycling program for booklovers who can bear to part with some of their tomes; the only cost of membership is that of postage! Anyone want to join me in the bookmoochiverse?

It is not a bookswapping site per se; you do not have to give and take on a 1-to-1 ratio, though you are encouraged/required (?) to give away at least 1 book for every 2 you mooch. There's this nifty little point system that protects from overmooching, too. To wit: Every time you give a book away, you get one point; in turn, books "cost" one point each. Additionally, every time you post a new book to your inventory of giveaways, and every time you leave feedback for a book received, fractions of points are added to your account, and they add up fairly quickly. International mooches require more points, but those doing the shipping are rewarded with extra points too.

Tammy, I am gonna call you out on this! I think this website is perfect for you, for the following reasons:

1. You prefer to purchase used books.
2. You never keep books after you read them.
3. You are always interested in obtaining new and interesting books to read.

So whaddaya say? Won't you mooch with me?

Lydia, what about you? Frank? Alison? MarsGirl? Donnamo? Bueller? Anyone?