50s Travel
This picture shows my dad getting ready to board a boat destined for Europe. He's the one holding the baby, who is his neice Beth. (At first I thought it might be his little sister Judy, but according to my sister Judy was about 5 years old at the time this photo was taken.) It was the mid-to-late 50s and my dad was headed toward Germany. After a few weeks of travel, the boat arrived in Rotterdam (I think), at which point Dad still had to take the train to Backnang, where he volunteered for 2 years, helping to build homes and a church for Russian Mennonite refugees.

On December 14, 2005 I'll be coming home for Christmas on an airplane, which will be, needless to say, rather faster than taking the boat. I'm staying until January 9, 2006. I won't be doing much traveling myself during that time, but all are invited to come visit me at the Wyse Homestead! If my sister and my brother-in-law don't visit, I won't know what to do with myself. (Never fear, loyal readers, they will visit!) I hope that my neice and nephew-in-law can come too, although if those red-coated mounties won't budge for the infamous one plough woman, then aforementioned family members and I may have to take exception to my not-much-traveling rule and crash her Toronto pad.


The Answer
is Akste, nearby Jokkmokk, Sweden. That's where friends Tom and Disa Rutschman live and work -- as teachers and Mennonite Mission Network associates. Isn't it lovely? The Rutschmans, along with two of their daughters, were some of the many fine folks I enjoyed meeting in Barcelona.


I'd Love to Be Here
Any guesses as to the location of this picturesque scene?


On May 8 (scroll down to find it), I posted about the two orchestras I participate in here in the Netherlands. At that time, I didn't have access to photos of one of the two -- but now I do! Above, a photo of the Amsterdamse Tramharmonie rehearsing in the famous concert hall in Amsterdam, the Concertgebouw. In the photo below, you should be able to pick me out:


Barcelonian Image 3
Group photo of Colloquium participants, all of whom are affiliated with Mennonite Mission Network. (Click to enlarge.) This Colloquium is held once every 2 years in differing European locaions, which up until now have included Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, England... and more.

Barcelonian Image 2
Eating lunch in the shadows of the basilica atop impressive Montserrat ("Serrated Mountain").


Happy birthday to JOHN D. WYSE (my father)!

Back from B-town
I'm back! Here's a pic from my weeks in Spain: that's me with two new friends, Hugh from Northern Ireland and Esther from England. We are standing just outside the Barcelona Mennonite Church after a Sunday morning service and fellowship meal.
More pictures and stories to come!