What I Learned on my Second Day of School

1. In the near future, Emory is going to become an iTunes university.
2. Prominent figures who will be coming to Emory this semester include Barbara Kingsolver, Elaine Pagels and the Dalai Lama.
3. Tip: arrive at your classroom 20 minutes before teaching. Take time to yawn, do (basic) yoga, or massage your jaw muscles. Vocal/body warm-ups -- as well as good posture -- are essential unless you want to strain your voice 15 minutes into the period. (This strikes me as good advice for preachers too, especially those in smaller congregations who don't use mics.)
4. It is common for undergrads at Emory to make collaborative multimedia blogs as assignments for class. Who knew?
5. There is much more that I hope to check out at Emory, including their Women's Center, theatre offerings, and the current special exhibit at the Carlos Museum.


What I Learned on my First Day of School

1. According to (nearly) everyone who addressed us today, the most important thing you learn in grad school is time management.
2. "Sweet tea" in the South takes "sweet" to a whole 'nother level. I thought my mom's iced tea was as sweet as it could get; not so!
3. There's a student who looks exactly like David Duchovny. I am neither kidding nor exaggerating. Crooked smile, mysterious eyes, well-defined jaw line: Fox Mulder all the way.
4. One of the best ways to discourage plagiarism is to give your students assignments which are as specific as all-get-out.
5. It is possible for a biostatistician, a behavioral psychologist, and a biblical scholar to come up with a course on sustainability that might actually be teachable.
First Day

Today is my first day of school. I'll blog more tonight to let you know how it was.

Oh yeah, and the boat rocked! I'll blog about that too in the coming days and weeks.