Advice, Unsolicited

So here I am, at my favorite diner, having placed my order for the scrumptious Silver Dollar Breakfast (two buttermilk silver dollar cakes, two sweet potato silver dollar cakes, two eggs, roasted turkey breast, grilled potatoes and an orange slice), and trying to get online. The diner's free connection is on the fritz, so I'm borrowing an AT&T connection from Starbucks next door. This is the same connection I use whenever I hang at Starbucks, since, as a registered Starbucks card holder (sounds like more of an honor than it is, believe me), I get 2 complimentary hours of internet every time I darken the door. Not to mention free refills on regular or iced coffee.

Anyway, the guy next to me, who is closing down his computer, notices that I am using AT&T. The following conversation ensues:

"You can use the Rise & Dine connection for free, you know."

"I know, but it's not working for me.

"I was just on it and it was fine."

"OK, maybe I'll try again. But this AT&T connection is free for me too, since I have a Starbucks card."

"But you realize it's only free for like an hour after you make a purchase."

"Actually, I've been able to use it for several hours at a time."

"But you go in and you buy the card along with your coffee, right? And then it's only good for an hour."

"No, if you have a registered Starbucks card, the AT&T connection is complimentary. You just have to register your card online and use it once a month."


"It's a new thing."

"I always use TMobile. Their connection is so much better. AT&T's phone service may be better, but TMobile's data service is phenomenal. They have this blah blah blah and then there's this blah blah blah. And Verizon blah blah blahdiblah blah. You know Verizon uses the CDA system while the others use the TDA system blah blah blah some more blah blah. Oh and did I mention that the connection here is free?"

Oh dear reader. Why oh why does a complete stranger feel the need to intervene in my wireless habits? And why oh why does he assume that I am completely clueless, incapable of making a choice unless he enlightens me as to the intricacies of wireless providers? I mean, his initial impulse to make sure I knew that the diner's connection was free was a nice gesture. But am I not correct in thinking that the above conversation could have been ... well, shorter?

"Live and let live" is apparently a lesson lost on this guy.

Thanks for letting me vent. I feel better.