Remembering Romero

"The absolute desire of 'having more' encourages the selfishness that destroys communal bonds among the children of God. It does so because the idolatry of riches prevents the majority from sharing the goods that the Creator has made for all, and in the all-possessing minority it produces an exaggerated pleasure in these goods."

- Archbishop Oscar Romero, "The Church's Mission Amid the National Crisis," August 6, 1979. Twenty-four years ago today, Monsenor Romero was assassinated as he celebrated Mass in San Salvador.

Originally published in Sojomail, a weekly e-zine of the Sojourners community.


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Shok's Rice & Peas

This is what I am eating for supper tonight:

2 cups water
1 cup rice
1 cup peas

boil the above gently until the rice is soft

1 pkg. Ramen noodles
1 t. salt
seasoning from Ramen noodles
a little more water, if needed

cook all until Ramen is soft

This is an original Shok recipe! Thank you to Shok for his cooking prowess. Tonight there's a woman in Europe who's thankful for it.

Oh, and I'm also having some leftover lasagne, my mom's recipe. Thank you to my mom for being a good cook. Tonight there's a woman in Europe ... (you know the rest).

And one more thing:

The Rice & Peas recipe is immortalized in a beautiful little recipe book assembled for me by my creative sister Tammy. Here is the inspiring quote which appears at the bottom of the Rice & Peas page:

'Treat people as if they are what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being.'
--Johann W. von Goethe