Happy Birthday ...

...to my dad!

This photo was taken two years ago, when my aunt, cousin and I surprised my dad in the middle of the night to eat cake. I had just gotten home from ... Kansas? I think it was Kansas, where I was visiting a couple of churches to speak about my time in the Netherlands. I arrived back in Ohio as my dad's birthday commenced around midnight. So together with my aunt and cousin (who had picked me up at the airport), I stood outside my parents' bedroom door and started singing! They both arose, ever the good sports, and we enjoyed some cake together.

Dad looks pretty awake for a wee-hours-in-the morning photo, doesn't he?

Today my dad turns 74. Happy Birthday Dad!

EDITED TO ADD: Need I point out that today is 08/08/08? I love that type of thing. It's almost as cool as my Grandpa Stuckey's birthdate on 09/10/11.