With Bells On

Lately, I've found myself repeatedly using the expression "I'll be there with bells on." Curious, I googled it, and found this. Personally, I use the expression to convey enthusiasm not just for parties, but for any meeting or gathering (business or pleasure). With the expression, I want to convey the fact that not only will I be there, but I am supremely looking forward to it.

This would be a fun phrase to use ironically, would it not? Say, when making an appointment with the dentist? "Root canal tomorrow at 10? I'll be there with bells on..."


Weekly Wordle

I recently became a member of Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship. During the worship service this Sunday, the commitment of new members will be formally acknowledged. Given that fact, I've been thinking lately of AMF's covenant: here is the covenant itself, and below, a word cloud thereof:

(Click to enlarge.)


Back, with measuring cups

My blog called me this morning in tears.

"Jackie," the blog said, "How could you? It has been nearly seven weeks! I thought we had really gotten somewhere over the summer. Our relationship had ... blossomed. I though you had grown, changed even. I thought we were in this for the long haul this time. I thought ... "

"Blog," I answered, chastened, "You are correct. I have been negligent in my commitment to you. I understand if you can't take a chance on me again, but I hope you will. 'Cause honey, I'm still free."

My blog graciously consented to give me a second chance. My hope is that you, dear reader, will as well.

Confession time: I have a thing for measuring cups and mixing bowls. It doesn't matter how many I own; I always feel like I could use just one more set, especially if they are thoughtfully designed and splashy like these. Don't you just want to snap them up? Unfortunately, the price is on the astronomical side. What is it with this penchant of mine for overpriced kitchen items? Psychological insight, anyone?