Today I got up, took a shower, dressed, ate breakfast, and took the bus to the train station. Then I took a train to Utrecht, and another train to Vleuten. In Vleuten I participated in a planning meeting for a young adult retreat called Op Naar 3000 which will take place in March 2005 in Giethoorn. (I'll say more about this retreat as plans develop.) Members of the planning committee include Tammo, Michel, Jan Fokke, and I. After our meeting, I hung out with fellow committee members a while and played with Ester, 7-month-old daughter of our hosts Jan Fokke and Inge. Then we all took the train back into Utrecht, and walked from the central station to a lovely restaurant down by the canals in Utrecht, where we met our friend Renze. The meal was actually a "thank you" to Renze for his 5 years of past work on this very committee. After enjoying excellent Dutch cuisine, I took the train & bus home. Before calling it a night, I hopped on my bike and zipped over to the Romeijn house to show them some photos of my trip to the US and to (attempt to) watch a DVD together. The DVD, however, refused to work and so we ended up watching some British comedy sketches instead. Then I biked home and wrote this blog entry.

It was a satisfying Saturday. Good friends, good food, good weather, and a good combination of public transportation, biking, and walking. (And as an added bonus: I got to hold Ester for the better part of an hour.) Now I'm going to put the icing on my Saturday cake by going upstairs and getting some good sleep.