I found the note.

Not only did I find the note that James A. Schoch (otherwise known as Shok the German) so skillfully hid in my suitcase, I also affixed said note to my refrigerator with a sparkly flower-shaped magnet.

The note reads:

Jackie Wackie
Me My Mo Yackie
You are fine
So do not wine (too much)
'Cause we do miss you
Way over in the yonder blue.
Love Jimmy Poo :)

Is my brother-in-law a poet, or what?

Thank you for the surprise send-off, Jimmy Poo!

My October Resultion is to update this blog. And to post here regularly. I know, I know. Those of you who know me well will doubt that I possess the tenacity to fulfill this resolution. But I am determined to prove you wrong!

So ... here goes. The contest between Jackie and All Those Who Doubt Her Ability To Write Here Regularly. Who's side ya on, anyway?