Mouth Melting Maraschino Madness

Were M-n-M's a memorable part of anyone else's growing up years? I remember when the most exciting color in a bag of M-n-Ms was green. After all, that was the only color separating M-n-M's from their butterier cousins, the Reeses Pieces. Yes, at that time, there were two shades of brown M-n-M's! (Might that have something to do with the 1970's and the decade's inexplicable embrace of brown decor?) I remember the thrilling appearance of the first red M-n-M's, and their subsequent hasty removal from grocery store shelves as the dye was suspected to be a carcinogen. Later, I remember when we got to vote for the next new color ~ blue or purple? (Blue won.) As a teen, the release of peanut butter M-n-Ms rocked my world completely. Almond M-n-M's were a close second.

All that to say, I'm a pushover for any new kind of M-n-M. (I love the dark chocolate variety in the purple package they came out with last year.) Today I happened across Wildly Cherry, a new limited edition that tastes just like those chocolate covered maraschino cherries that come in fancy satin boxes. Yay!

Oh, and at the M-n-M website, you can become an M-n-M! Joy!

(Anyone prefer Smarties to M-n-M's? The jury is still out for me.)