Jackie in Real Life

So my very favorite restaurant in all of Atlanta so far is Rise-N-Dine, just a stone's throw from campus. Up until yesterday, the reasons for that were simple: fanstically tasty, healthy food; friendly and efficient service; and an atmosphere that was funkily comfortable. Yesterday, another reason was added to the list: I made a new friend! You know, like it happens in the movies. I was sitting at my own table; Adam was sitting at his. I asked the server for a bit of cream for my coffee; Adam offered me his. I asked if he was a student; he said he just graduated from seminary. Delightful conversation ensued. E-mail addresses were exchanged. Today I received an invitation to hang out with him, his fiance and his roommate sometime soon.

Does this really happen in real life? Do people just walk into cafes and make new friends? Apparently so!

Oh, yes. I have not forgotten my NY Resolution. Blogging about my transatlantic journey will happen this weekend.