'Tis the Season...

... to visit Jackie!

Or, less egocentrically, to visit the tulips, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Europe more generally.

In the past 2 months I've enjoyed visits from...

Adam Nofziger, whom I've known since we were both in the nursery at Lockport Mennonite Church. Here we are enjoying those infamously yummy Flemish fries (with mayo and peanut sauce).

Seminary friends Tanya and Kevin Kurtz Lehman -- here they are, looking fabulous nearby a fantastic gelato shop which is itself close to the Albert Cuyp market.

And most recently: Aunt Janice and Faye in a truly Dutch moment. They are in the south of France currently, and will be returning with their friend Alice tomorrow night for another 2 days/3 nights in the NL before heading back to North America.

Visitors are fun! I hope people still come to visit me when I live in Atlanta, which I fear may be slightly less exciting than living near Amsterdam. Except for my Dutch friends, of course, for whom Atlanta will be the much more exotic of the two locations!