Heaven is other people.

The World Council of Churches is gathering in Brazil this week. I signed up to receive news releases regarding the proceedings. One summarized a talk by a Finnish Orthodox priest, Father Heikki Huttunen. Here's a quote from the news release:

In contrasting Sartre's observation that "hell is other people" with a saying of St Seraphim of Sarov, [Huttunen] presented what became a motto for the participants. He said Seraphim regarded other people as heaven. Throughout the year and not only during the Easter period, he greeted all who came to him with the words, "Christ is risen! My joy!" Huttunen said, "We must be motivated by that insight."

Christ is risen! My joy!

Imagine that, instead of the endless how-are-you-fines that punctuate our days...

P.S. Look here for more on the WCC conference.