50% Behind Me

My exam is half done! Happily, I feel good about the reading and listening sections. But the hardest stuff happens tomorrow, when I tackle writing and speaking ...

Oh, and now I have a favorite Dutch band! They are called Blof. However, the "o" in Blof has one of those diagonal slashes through it ... don't know how to do that on my computer. Check 'em out here.

Once you get to the website, click on "persfoto" if you want to see pictures of the band. Click on "band" to see head shots of the musicians. (The links are at the bottom of the site.)

Why is Blof my favorite band? Well, first of all, they are one of the few Dutch bands that sing exclusively in Dutch. (These days, English is everywhere. I find that regretable!) And second of all, I simply dig their tunes! They're mellow, probably too mellow for the tastes of my nephews and neice in Defiance. But hey, mellow can also be hip ... Right Jess, AJ, Lyds? :)

Oh, and FYI -- Blof-with-the-slash-through-the-O is pronounced an awful lot like the English word "bluff." But that's not what it means. What does it mean? No idea. I think it's a Scandinavian word, actually.