Tonight I Cooked

Dinner went well. We had exactly enough food (and I mean exactly!). Afterwards, people lingered, conversing over cups of steaming coffee and tea. It is certainly a good feeling to share a meal with friends, especially considering the fact that I've only lived on this continent for 7 months now.

I also learned something interesting about myself tonight -- I like radishes. I always thought that I was decidedly neutral about them, that they were not offensive to my tastebuds, but that (on the other hand) the thought of eating them didn't make me drool with anticipation. However, I was wrong. I am in fact fond of radishes!

All of this makes me wonder what other foods I avoid out of habit, when in actuality, I might enjoy them. Makes me wonder in what other ways (small or large) I've changed over the years, but haven't yet noticed ...